Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i wonder how long this one will last...

new blog...i've had several.
eventually i get bored with them or just feel like i have nothing of interest to share.
made this one so i could stalk...i mean... keep in touch with my sister more.

so i have yet to find a job for the summer. bad news, kids. i keep applying and they keep ignoring me. in the mean time i've been on a cleaning spree. a few weeks ago i rearranged my room and its looking fabulous if i do say so myself. or at least it was until i started cleaning another room and had to move some stuff into my room and now its back to looking like it did when it was my brother's room.
however some good has come from all the cleaning. while emptying the room i keep finding all kinds of hilarious things from my past and i have also collected a pile of things to sell. i figure if i cant find a proper job i could at least be a junk lady selling my stuff out of the trunk of my nonexistent car.
that's another summer goal. i need to learn how to drive. asap. not only to avoid even more shame at being almost 22 years old and having my mom drive me everywhere, but since i have no place to live at school next semester i need some form of transportation that doesn't involve taking more than 3 buses and a train. i suppose i could ride my bike. oh, wait. i don't know how to do that either. oh, the shame.

i think that's it for tonight. my next post will likely be about the massive amount of baking i have to do for a party this weekend. 125 cupcakes, 1 chocolate cake, a bunch of cracker cookie things (they're good i swear), a bread bowl of hoagie dip, and a partridge in pear tree. or a tour bus. whichever you prefer.


  1. You should have been doing this forever ago. This makes me happy. I shall follow you at once.

  2. yay! a follower!
    it makes me happy too. almost as happy as the Shop Rite Can Can Sale commercial.