Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waltzing with Bears (or owls and snow leopards)

I just noticed that 2 posts down I got a comment from a certain someone on November 7th to "post something for god's sake!" so I'm following directions.

me and Anna went to the Build A Bear Workshop on Saturday. it was our Christmas present to each other. i think we had a pretty good time. apart from the parents, we were easily the oldest people there by at least 10 years. i made the nerdiest looking owl (his head spins all the way around!) named Leland and Anna made a sparkly snow leopard, appropriately named Edward.

Aren't they precious? (don't ask why Leland is wearing "BEARBOXER" underpants coupled with a winter coat)

PS i wish Anna would click 'follow' so i could have 3 followers instead of 2 :)
PPS I almost called Leland "Owlbert." Get it?! Oh, I'm so clever.