Thursday, December 10, 2009

hellogoodbye....short post.

Shout out time!

my best pal, Anna, has a blog too!

I hope she doesn't mind me blabbing about it. :) 

surprise! its me!

I have returned. 
I know everyone missed me. All 2 of you.
I like to wait a long time between my blog posts because i think it will give me more to write about so I'm not boring. Except when I wait a long time I end up forgetting everything that might have been blogworthy. 
I'll list some topics i could talk about....
Senior Thesis
People who are moving to Texas (Jenn)
People who hate Texas (me)
Stupid people
I think thats a good list for now.

1. Senior Thesis/school
So my thesis topic is Marie Antoinette. I chose her because one day a few years ago i decided that she was interesting enough to hold my attention. I've already written about her a few times so i decided to take the easy road and write about her again to a much greater extent. 25-30 pages is not really as threatening as it sounds when you already have a pretty good idea what you're talking about. 
The first "half" of my paper is due tomorrow. I have about 11 pages. I'm pretty pleased with myself. thats all i really have to say about that. Today is my last day of classes for the semester :) i have 2 finals, both on the 17th and then i can forget about the horror that is my philosophy professor. I think he would be enough to fill a whole blog post himself so i'll just say that he's the most ridiculous and useless professor i've ever encountered. And he looks like Dr. Strangelove.

2. Joblessness
You guessed it: still no job. i finally landed a job interview at the dry cleaners to replace Jenn when she moves, but they hired someone else. Thanks, dude. Im waiting to hear from my mom's office about a place in the mail room. the end.

3. People who are moving to Texas
That would be Jenn. Some of her family lives down there and she visits them periodically. Sometime back in May or something she tells me she's moving there and i immediately begin crying in the middle of the street :( lame, right? anyway... she's leaving on the 28th and i spend my free time trying not to think about it. But after she leaves her mom is gonna pay me 25 bucks to clean her bathroom once a month. so thats something i guess. 
we threw her a surprise going away party that i worked really hard to keep a secret. and then when we showed up, no one even yelled surprise. losers.

4. People who hate Texas. 
I hate Texas. As much as i hate it, i have contemplated moving there after graduation because Jenn told me i could. I know i probably won't. but the thought is still there.

5. Stupid people
A girl in my senior thesis class gave her presentation on Tuesday. In her power point she used "ppl" instead of people. every time. she also discussed "King Author." and in her world a certain music icon would be the artist "formally" known as Prince. Are we not seniors in college? I get second hand embarrassment just by showing up to class with these people.
this section was going to include more people but i'll just leave it there.

ooh! i forgot one!
6. New Baby!!
I have 5 nephews. i love them all dearly. and i love playing legos and video games with them as much as anyone, but i just wanna play barbies with someone again. AND NOW I CAN!! my cousin just had her first baby. a little girl. she is so cute and wonderful and girly. me and Caleigh are going to be BFFs.... at least until shes old enough to realize that i'm a big nerd and she's too cool to be seen with me. :)

speaking of 5 nephews, i cant wait til christmas when they're all together because its always super fun. and funny.

ok thats all i think.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She sells sea shells....

So i felt like my summer vacation was wasted this year...i did practically nothing of interest from may to the end of July. Now i find myself wishing that i had some time to do nothing of interest. last Monday i left for Shamokin with Catherine. we weren't supposed to leave until Tuesday but she decided she needed to go right away. we were supposed to come back on Thursday but she decided she wanted to stay until Friday morning. Friday afternoon i left to go stay with my former roommates for the weekend. came home Sunday afternoon and left again on Monday to come down the shore. but only until Thursday morning because  Thursday afternoon i leave to go camping with Bridget and bill until next Tuesday. I miss my bed. and my puppy who probably thinks I've abandoned him for life.
Right now I'm sitting on the deck of the shore house enjoying the breeze....not enjoying the trash truck that just pulled up. I'm not much of a beach person so i might stay here while everyone else goes. The beach is hot, dirty and covered with children I've never met. i don't enjoy strange children. (oh my god this trash truck smells) Nor do i enjoy heat or dirt. obviously the beach is not the place for me. I prefer the nightlife activities of the shore. The boardwalk, shopping in stone harbor...stuff like that.
I'm now being covered in sunscreen against my will. sunscreen is another thing i dislike.

Ok I'm done complaining.
off to relax.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still here!

Reason I have not posted in a thousand years....
A. was lazy
B. forgot i had a blog
C. am just that boring of a person
D. all of the above

The answer is D.

I went to Delaware for a week to visit my BFF (or as we say "bb"), Megan. She's living down there for the summer and working at a day care. It was a good time. My sister and my mom were actually there for the first weekend for my nephew's baseball tournament but due to some miscommunication on my mom's part, I did not get to see them or the baseball game. Anyway, i hitched a ride down there with Megan's mom and brother and of course got lost on the way, but we made it and all was well.
Among the activities we engaged ourselves in were: mini-golf (I won by a point), Midnight opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (sucked), boardwalk "date night" (walks on the beach, photobooths, ice cream, and shopping), and general goofy girl stuff (self explanatory). We stayed in a farmy sort of area, complete with chicken processing plant, but spent a lot of time in Rehoboth. I haven't been there in I don't know how long but it was nothing like (the very limited amount) I remembered. The only thing I remember very clearly was being on the beach late at night with maybe two other people throwing glow sticks around in the dark. When we went on the beach on our boardwalk night we saw people doing that exact thing and I got excited and looked at Megan and yelled "They're doing my DREAM!" She thought this was very funny but I was being serious. I was a little jealous of those people.
I was surprised that we made it to almost the very end of the week without me pulling my hair out because with any of my friends that's what usually happens. But overall the week was a success and we even came up with a few new catch phrases, as usual.

Moving on...

I saw Green Day with Anna about a week ago. Very awesome. Best concert I've been to in a long time. Until tomorrow night when I see Billy Joel and Elton John :) if they don't cancel, that is. In which case I'll be sad for a long time.
And as usual, my plans are not without drama. It was supposed to be me, my mom, and my 2 cousins. I thought the concert was Friday but its Thursday so when I explained my mistake it turned out that Catherine had accepted another offer to go to the same show thinking she could go Thursday and Friday (even though the second show is on Saturday, not Friday) and has decided to go with her friend instead of us. Now Bridget is selling the ticket. Even though this is my fault I'm still kinda sad. And now my mom is blowing it all out of proportion, which will most likely result in everyone being mad at me. :(

School starts soonish. Still no license or car. Bad news, friends. Oh well. Things usually work out. I can always figure out some crazy bus route til i can drive.

Ok. I'm sure this post is way too long and way too scattered and confusing so I'll end here.

Later :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"You know, the one with the Mercedes, swimming pool, and room for a pony."

I almost gave up on this thing. I guess I changed my mind. I haven't done much lately that I'd like to write about. I needed new beads a wire and figured I'd find it cheaper at the Walmart in Shamokin since that's where I got my first bunch a few years ago. So we went to Shamokin this weekend, which was supposed to be an awesome good time but ended up being just me, my mom and the dog cleaning someone else's house.
We finally go to Walmart and I'm so excited to get more supplies only to find out that they have decreased their craft section considerably. I found some wire and some mediocre beads. Took them home and found out that this time instead of getting wire that was too thick, I've got wire that is too thin. Awesome.
Then we went to the Shamokin neighbor's house so my mom could get the down low on the house she may or may not be buying. I hope she does. She really hates her job and wants to just move up there and retire. It a cute house. And if my cousin gets the house next to my uncle and my mom gets this house which shares the backyard with the other two, we will have an awesome trio of mountain houses and a giant back yard and hopefully the in ground pool my cousin wants.

And a pony.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gently Used.

I feel like I've been cleaning for years.
Some more interesting finds though. I found my awesome lip balm making kit so I will definitely be making some more in the very near future. I also found the cat-covered Address/Note/Appointment Book that my grandmother gave me. And she was thoughtful enough to write in her friends and family's addresses and phone numbers for me. Saved me a lot of time, let me tell you. She also included some of her activities and appointments during 1997. Unfortunately, as i was going through all my newly acquired friends' addresses my mom informed me that nearly half of them have died since 1997. Bummer. What am I going to do with a bunch of dead people's addresses?
I think this gift proves that I'm the favorite grandchild. I bet if she gave anyone else a book like this it would be completely empty, and thus only half the gift that I got.


Monday, June 1, 2009

remember that dude who tried to sell the holy toast on eBay?

Ok so...the party went well. I was too tired from all the baking to have as good a time as I could have but I enjoyed myself all the same. Except for the part where my cousin made me go in the moon bounce after I'd had 3 margaritas and a beer. This was the same cousin who thought it was a good idea to tell stories about frozen, dead hookers at a child's party. And beer glass vomit stories. And woodchisel-through-the-hand stories.
...Moving on. I got to hang out with my family, including my sister, who gave me a lovely shout out over on her blog. Thanks for the name-droppage.
I think my cupcakes went over well. They better have because I am now completely turned off to cupcakes and if no one liked them that sacrifice would have been all for nothing.

In other news, LiveNation is starting "No Service Fee Wednesdays" as a summer promotion. This might be one of the greatest pieces of information I'll receive this year since I seem to buy concert tickets more than the average person.

I'm running out of things to say. I'll say "Hi, Anna!" since she found me here and is stalking me from over at LiveJournal.

Ok. I'm done now....Ooh! Married With Children is on! I love that theme song. :)

PS. There is a panel of wood next to me that has a mark on it that looks like either the Virgin Mary with her arms open, as she is often seen, or a penguin. I guess that would depend on who you asked. If I learn how to put pictures on here maybe I'll post the proof and you can decide for yourself.

ETA: Photographic proof! .....okay so maybe it looked more like Mary/a Penguin from where i was sitting...without my glasses. But you can still see what i mean. Right?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camp Cupcake...without Martha.

So I spent the entire day today baking vanilla cupcakes for Sunday. I think I have about 138 mini cupcakes and 33 regular sized ones. I have one more batch of regular ones to make tomorrow and then I have to move on to making the icing and then applying it to the cakes. I've never made this many cupcakes all at once and it was a lot more work than I anticipated. I'm very tired now. But my good pal Jenn came over to help me with the baking because shes a dear and i think she's planning on coming back tomorrow when i finish the cakes and icing and then tackle the Baked Crab Dip. At least i don't have to bake the other cakes or make the Hoagie dip.
After all the baking we realized neither of us had really eaten all day so we went to the Henry James and had a grand old time, as usual. Then when i called my mom to let her know i was on my way home, our conversation went something like this...
Mom: "What."
Me: "Umm...I'm on my way home?"
Mom: "Oh, I forgot you went out."
Me: "Well where did you think I was calling you from?"
Mom: "Upstairs."
...I guess i could have stayed out all night and she never would have known the difference. Dangit. :)

I'm all talked out. Bye.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


my profile picture isn't showing up where it should. this bothers me.

edit - 6/1/09: i fixed it! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


more cleaning today. i found some yearbooks from grade school and realized that as unpopular as i was in high school, i was even more unpopular in my younger years. the only pictures i show up in are the class pictures and of course i look ridiculous. which is really saying something because in first and second grade everyone looks ridiculous. unless they're sitting next to me, in which case they look perfectly normal.
i also found some mysterious autographs on posters from my birthday in the 4th grade and my first holy communion party. someone named 'Annabel' was apparently present for my birthday and a man named 'John Dalton' came to congratulate me on my first Eucharistic experience. even my mom couldn't help me identify these strangers. aren't moms supposed to know everything?
I've been making jewelry lately but i ran out of wire so i went to get more only to get home and find out that i got the wrong size and i am now stuck with 30 yards of almost completely useless beading wire. so lame. but so far my friends like my beaded rings so maybe I'll add them to the list of things i will sell out of my invisible car. my mom thinks that charging 25 cents is too little but i don't know of anyone who would pay more than that for a loop of wire covered in small beads. i also make beaded bobby pins. they're quite fashionable actually, and i think i might be able to get 50 cents for one of them.
this post is quickly straying from its original topic but that's just how i roll, i guess. last week i was meeting my friend Anna downtown (to see Star Trek in IMAX, if you must know) and the bus i got on was full of students on a field trip. it was so crowded that i had to stand next to the bus driver right up in the windshield. my first reaction was "oh damn. this is gonna suck so bad." but i was completely wrong. it was beyond awesome. being right up against the front window was like flying down the expressway. or maybe like being on one of those hover board things from Back to the Future. i don't think I've ever enjoyed a bus ride more. i highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. two thumbs up. the movie however would only get one-and-maybe-a-quarter thumbs up.

i wonder how long this one will last...

new blog...i've had several.
eventually i get bored with them or just feel like i have nothing of interest to share.
made this one so i could stalk...i mean... keep in touch with my sister more.

so i have yet to find a job for the summer. bad news, kids. i keep applying and they keep ignoring me. in the mean time i've been on a cleaning spree. a few weeks ago i rearranged my room and its looking fabulous if i do say so myself. or at least it was until i started cleaning another room and had to move some stuff into my room and now its back to looking like it did when it was my brother's room.
however some good has come from all the cleaning. while emptying the room i keep finding all kinds of hilarious things from my past and i have also collected a pile of things to sell. i figure if i cant find a proper job i could at least be a junk lady selling my stuff out of the trunk of my nonexistent car.
that's another summer goal. i need to learn how to drive. asap. not only to avoid even more shame at being almost 22 years old and having my mom drive me everywhere, but since i have no place to live at school next semester i need some form of transportation that doesn't involve taking more than 3 buses and a train. i suppose i could ride my bike. oh, wait. i don't know how to do that either. oh, the shame.

i think that's it for tonight. my next post will likely be about the massive amount of baking i have to do for a party this weekend. 125 cupcakes, 1 chocolate cake, a bunch of cracker cookie things (they're good i swear), a bread bowl of hoagie dip, and a partridge in pear tree. or a tour bus. whichever you prefer.