Monday, May 24, 2010

oh hey!

I graduated!

Yay me :)

more later.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?..."

I don't really have anything to say today but I'm going to try to be less neglectful of my blog. Bullet points may be the best way to go about this post.

- I got a new fish. Her name is Gunther. Her mouth is too small for her food so i have to crush it up for her so she doesn't starve to death.

- My full thesis draft is due on Friday. A little nervous, hope its long enough, but if its not at least I get a second shot with the final draft.

- I'm taking a class on nuclear war. Maybe its just me but I think if someone is going to teach a class on this subject, they should at the very least know how to pronounce the word 'nuclear.'
- Also, in regard to this class, I think the professor should understand that more than half of the class are seniors working on thesis and not assign 3 page papers due every class.

- While other college students go to some tropical location to party all week for spring break, I will be taking a bus to Scranton to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade.

- My neighbors have asked me to live in their house for 3 weeks while they go to Korea. Not sure how I feel about it yet but it should be interesting if nothing else.

I think the grand finale for this post should be this:

- On Thursday it was snowing. I hate snow. My class was not canceled so I had to go out in the snow and I was sad. I got off my first bus and got on the subway. We got to the first stop and the train broke down. We sat for 45 minutes, not knowing what was going on. Finally made our escape out the back of the train and were loaded on to another (already crowded) train. Got off the subway and hauled ass to the next bus because I was now very late and I am never late. Got off the bus and hustled to my 4pm class. Sat down and was then informed that all classes starting at 4pm had been canceled. Highlight: got a written apology from professor after he was harassed by the lady who makes it her business to harass him almost daily. (That last bit is speculation but since she said she would tell him I was there, I think it's safe to assume that that is indeed what happened.)

Also, I decided that I like my posts a lot better when they include a picture. It's kinda like a gift that makes reading my blog more worthwhile. So, for your time, here is a shot of my Passover masks.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waltzing with Bears (or owls and snow leopards)

I just noticed that 2 posts down I got a comment from a certain someone on November 7th to "post something for god's sake!" so I'm following directions.

me and Anna went to the Build A Bear Workshop on Saturday. it was our Christmas present to each other. i think we had a pretty good time. apart from the parents, we were easily the oldest people there by at least 10 years. i made the nerdiest looking owl (his head spins all the way around!) named Leland and Anna made a sparkly snow leopard, appropriately named Edward.

Aren't they precious? (don't ask why Leland is wearing "BEARBOXER" underpants coupled with a winter coat)

PS i wish Anna would click 'follow' so i could have 3 followers instead of 2 :)
PPS I almost called Leland "Owlbert." Get it?! Oh, I'm so clever.