Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waltzing with Bears (or owls and snow leopards)

I just noticed that 2 posts down I got a comment from a certain someone on November 7th to "post something for god's sake!" so I'm following directions.

me and Anna went to the Build A Bear Workshop on Saturday. it was our Christmas present to each other. i think we had a pretty good time. apart from the parents, we were easily the oldest people there by at least 10 years. i made the nerdiest looking owl (his head spins all the way around!) named Leland and Anna made a sparkly snow leopard, appropriately named Edward.

Aren't they precious? (don't ask why Leland is wearing "BEARBOXER" underpants coupled with a winter coat)

PS i wish Anna would click 'follow' so i could have 3 followers instead of 2 :)
PPS I almost called Leland "Owlbert." Get it?! Oh, I'm so clever.


  1. It took you only two months to follow my direct order! Still, I'm not disappointed, as the picture is excellent. Now make sure you post at more frequent intervals.

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