Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She sells sea shells....

So i felt like my summer vacation was wasted this year...i did practically nothing of interest from may to the end of July. Now i find myself wishing that i had some time to do nothing of interest. last Monday i left for Shamokin with Catherine. we weren't supposed to leave until Tuesday but she decided she needed to go right away. we were supposed to come back on Thursday but she decided she wanted to stay until Friday morning. Friday afternoon i left to go stay with my former roommates for the weekend. came home Sunday afternoon and left again on Monday to come down the shore. but only until Thursday morning because  Thursday afternoon i leave to go camping with Bridget and bill until next Tuesday. I miss my bed. and my puppy who probably thinks I've abandoned him for life.
Right now I'm sitting on the deck of the shore house enjoying the breeze....not enjoying the trash truck that just pulled up. I'm not much of a beach person so i might stay here while everyone else goes. The beach is hot, dirty and covered with children I've never met. i don't enjoy strange children. (oh my god this trash truck smells) Nor do i enjoy heat or dirt. obviously the beach is not the place for me. I prefer the nightlife activities of the shore. The boardwalk, shopping in stone harbor...stuff like that.
I'm now being covered in sunscreen against my will. sunscreen is another thing i dislike.

Ok I'm done complaining.
off to relax.


  1. Ha ha! It cracked me up when Mommy just used you as a towel to absorb her excess sunscreen. But you need sunscreen.

  2. Post something, for God's sake!