Thursday, December 10, 2009

surprise! its me!

I have returned. 
I know everyone missed me. All 2 of you.
I like to wait a long time between my blog posts because i think it will give me more to write about so I'm not boring. Except when I wait a long time I end up forgetting everything that might have been blogworthy. 
I'll list some topics i could talk about....
Senior Thesis
People who are moving to Texas (Jenn)
People who hate Texas (me)
Stupid people
I think thats a good list for now.

1. Senior Thesis/school
So my thesis topic is Marie Antoinette. I chose her because one day a few years ago i decided that she was interesting enough to hold my attention. I've already written about her a few times so i decided to take the easy road and write about her again to a much greater extent. 25-30 pages is not really as threatening as it sounds when you already have a pretty good idea what you're talking about. 
The first "half" of my paper is due tomorrow. I have about 11 pages. I'm pretty pleased with myself. thats all i really have to say about that. Today is my last day of classes for the semester :) i have 2 finals, both on the 17th and then i can forget about the horror that is my philosophy professor. I think he would be enough to fill a whole blog post himself so i'll just say that he's the most ridiculous and useless professor i've ever encountered. And he looks like Dr. Strangelove.

2. Joblessness
You guessed it: still no job. i finally landed a job interview at the dry cleaners to replace Jenn when she moves, but they hired someone else. Thanks, dude. Im waiting to hear from my mom's office about a place in the mail room. the end.

3. People who are moving to Texas
That would be Jenn. Some of her family lives down there and she visits them periodically. Sometime back in May or something she tells me she's moving there and i immediately begin crying in the middle of the street :( lame, right? anyway... she's leaving on the 28th and i spend my free time trying not to think about it. But after she leaves her mom is gonna pay me 25 bucks to clean her bathroom once a month. so thats something i guess. 
we threw her a surprise going away party that i worked really hard to keep a secret. and then when we showed up, no one even yelled surprise. losers.

4. People who hate Texas. 
I hate Texas. As much as i hate it, i have contemplated moving there after graduation because Jenn told me i could. I know i probably won't. but the thought is still there.

5. Stupid people
A girl in my senior thesis class gave her presentation on Tuesday. In her power point she used "ppl" instead of people. every time. she also discussed "King Author." and in her world a certain music icon would be the artist "formally" known as Prince. Are we not seniors in college? I get second hand embarrassment just by showing up to class with these people.
this section was going to include more people but i'll just leave it there.

ooh! i forgot one!
6. New Baby!!
I have 5 nephews. i love them all dearly. and i love playing legos and video games with them as much as anyone, but i just wanna play barbies with someone again. AND NOW I CAN!! my cousin just had her first baby. a little girl. she is so cute and wonderful and girly. me and Caleigh are going to be BFFs.... at least until shes old enough to realize that i'm a big nerd and she's too cool to be seen with me. :)

speaking of 5 nephews, i cant wait til christmas when they're all together because its always super fun. and funny.

ok thats all i think.

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  1. Jenn is moving to Texas? That's no good. You could always move here after graduation. Ahem.

    The stupid people part killed me, especially the "formally known as". Ha ha ha! That's a person who writes "it's" when she means "its". That's a person who confuses "former" and "latter". Second-hand embarrassment indeed.