Monday, June 1, 2009

remember that dude who tried to sell the holy toast on eBay?

Ok so...the party went well. I was too tired from all the baking to have as good a time as I could have but I enjoyed myself all the same. Except for the part where my cousin made me go in the moon bounce after I'd had 3 margaritas and a beer. This was the same cousin who thought it was a good idea to tell stories about frozen, dead hookers at a child's party. And beer glass vomit stories. And woodchisel-through-the-hand stories.
...Moving on. I got to hang out with my family, including my sister, who gave me a lovely shout out over on her blog. Thanks for the name-droppage.
I think my cupcakes went over well. They better have because I am now completely turned off to cupcakes and if no one liked them that sacrifice would have been all for nothing.

In other news, LiveNation is starting "No Service Fee Wednesdays" as a summer promotion. This might be one of the greatest pieces of information I'll receive this year since I seem to buy concert tickets more than the average person.

I'm running out of things to say. I'll say "Hi, Anna!" since she found me here and is stalking me from over at LiveJournal.

Ok. I'm done now....Ooh! Married With Children is on! I love that theme song. :)

PS. There is a panel of wood next to me that has a mark on it that looks like either the Virgin Mary with her arms open, as she is often seen, or a penguin. I guess that would depend on who you asked. If I learn how to put pictures on here maybe I'll post the proof and you can decide for yourself.

ETA: Photographic proof! .....okay so maybe it looked more like Mary/a Penguin from where i was sitting...without my glasses. But you can still see what i mean. Right?


  1. i'm voting penguin!
    (came here from your sister's shout out at her place)

  2. Yay! Someone actually sees this blog! Well now that you've voted for penguin you can check out the evidence I added. Thanks for reading my nonsense, Steve.

  3. it's an angel!

    (came over from (parenthetical)... great marketing system you have going (-:)

  4. Thanks for reading, Victoria :)
    Family members are always good for free blog promotion.

  5. OK, my comment will now take you to five which is one more than I got on my last post, so you're totally welcome. And what WAS it with those stories? Vomiting into a beer glass? That you ran into the bar to retrieve? Exactly HOW HARD would it have been to just keep going til you got to the bathroom? Sheesh.

  6. actually it was the moon bounce CDP!