Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"You know, the one with the Mercedes, swimming pool, and room for a pony."

I almost gave up on this thing. I guess I changed my mind. I haven't done much lately that I'd like to write about. I needed new beads a wire and figured I'd find it cheaper at the Walmart in Shamokin since that's where I got my first bunch a few years ago. So we went to Shamokin this weekend, which was supposed to be an awesome good time but ended up being just me, my mom and the dog cleaning someone else's house.
We finally go to Walmart and I'm so excited to get more supplies only to find out that they have decreased their craft section considerably. I found some wire and some mediocre beads. Took them home and found out that this time instead of getting wire that was too thick, I've got wire that is too thin. Awesome.
Then we went to the Shamokin neighbor's house so my mom could get the down low on the house she may or may not be buying. I hope she does. She really hates her job and wants to just move up there and retire. It a cute house. And if my cousin gets the house next to my uncle and my mom gets this house which shares the backyard with the other two, we will have an awesome trio of mountain houses and a giant back yard and hopefully the in ground pool my cousin wants.

And a pony.


  1. If I didn't read your blog, I'd have had NO EFFING IDEA that Mommy was thinking of buying a house in Shamokin. And I just talked to her like an hour ago. Sheesh.

  2. haha yeah shes been thinking about it for a while. Lois is selling it super cheap so its a pretty good idea. i guess she didn't mention it to as many people as i thought. i hope it wasn't a secret :)